Guide pratique du port série

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Serial HOWTO

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Projet de documentation Linux

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David S.Lawyer <>, original by Greg Hankins

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Licence LDP

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Guide pratique du port série

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/!\ 1997-11-15

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Eric Festinger <eric AT midix DOT frmug DOT org>

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This document describes the UART serial port features other than those which should be covered by Modem-HOWTO, PPP-HOWTO, Serial-Programming-HOWTO, or Text-Terminal-HOWTO. It lists info on multiport serial cards. It contains technical info about the serial port itself in more detail than found in the above HOWTOs and should be best for troubleshooting when the problem is the serial port itself. If you are dealing with a Modem, PPP (used for Internet access on a phone line), or a Text-Terminal, those HOWTOs should be consulted first. It's also useful as an introduction to how the serial port works before reading other documents on how to program it.

Ce document décrit la configuration sous Linux des ports série, des programmes associés, et des périphériques qui y sont connectés.


À remettre à jour (la version française est totalement obsolète !).

Adaptation française de Eric Festinger <eric AT midix DOT frmug DOT org>.

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